YMT Succession

Is Julia Fairchild the 5th Generation Lineage Holder for Yangjia Michuan Taijiquan?

Because of articles that appeared in AYMTA publications, I researched the topic of YMT Succession and prepared an article on the subject. You may download and read the article in its entirety here:

Is Julia Fairchild the 5th Generation Lineage Holder for Yangja Michuan Taijiquan?.pdf


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Abstract:  Authors of recent articles assert that Wang Yen-nien did not appoint a successor for Yangjia Michuan Taijiqaun (YMT).  I explore an alternate assertion that Wang Yen-nien did choose Julia Fairchild to succeed him.  To understand this assertion, “lineage holder” and “lineage transmitter,” two key terms related to YMT succession, are carefully defined and consistently used. Evidence related to Julia Fairchild being chosen as Wang Yen-nien’s successor is then presented and assessed.   Leaders and teachers of YMT are encouraged to study what is written here and elsewhere, combine the information with their own personal experience, and discern for themselves “the truth” about YMT succession.

About the Article

On November 1, 2010, I contacted AYMTA Newsletter because articles contained statements that Wang Yen-nien did not appoint a successor.  This puzzled me because I knew that Julia Fairchild is described as "5th generation lineage holder" at ymti.org, the website for Yen-nien Daoguan, Taipei.  In response to my expressed concern, the AYMTA Newsletter encouraged me to research the topic and to write up what I learned.  I did this and submitted the article on December 16, 2010, to AYMTA, Amicale, and TYMTA (the three organizations that publish each others' articles).  The article is currently under review for their respective publications.  [January 27, 2011 update:  Because of the article's subject matter, the Boards of Directors for AYMTA and Amicale included discussion during their respective January board meetings about whether to publish it.  Both boards decided against publishing the article "at this time."]

To create the article, I took a somewhat bold first step:  I directly contacted Julia Fairchild -- a person I hadnever met -- to respectfully ask her about the succession issue and why she is referred to as "5th generation lineage holder."  She accepted my invitation to discuss the issues and we exchanged numerous emails over the subsequent weeks. The result is an article that contains information essential for a more complete understanding about succession within Yangjia Michuan Taijiquan.  References for all key points within the article are provided.

As I corresponded with Julia Fairchild, a person I did not know previously, I paid attention to what she said and how she said it.  I sensed nothing but openness and honesty.  When I initially contacted her about exploring the issue of succession, she waited three days before responding.  She said that she did not want to participate if this would cause a fight.  She was very specific that she did not want to respond to attack with attack.  Despite the evidence that appears in the article, she has not attempted to force others to accept her as the legitimate successor to Master Wang.  When asked, she was willing to discuss the issues with me, and to allow me to share what I learned with you.  Remember, she did not even initiate my article -- I contacted her.

According to the November 2010 AYMTA Newsletter, succession issues were discussed in several small forums at the November Amicale meeting in France.  My article, which respectfully provides a different perspective than has been published previously, presents additional data so that future discussions will be even more complete and decisions better informed.  As I said in the article and in the abstract, "Leaders and teachers of YMT are encouraged to study what is written here and elsewhere, combine the information with their own personal experience, and discern for themselves 'the truth' about YMT succession."

Note to webmasters and bloggers:  The article is copyrighted and may be posted elsewhere, in its entirety, with permission of the author.  Send me an email if you want to post it.  As an alternative to posting the article itself, you can just include a direct link to this webpage: www.ymtvideos.com/YMT_Succession.html  I encourage you to inform your readers about the article and the information it contains.

Julia Fairchild est-elle le Successeur en titre de la 5ème génération du Yangjia Michuan Taijiquan.pdf

Résumé : Les auteurs de récents articles affirment que Wang Yen-nien n’a pas nommé de successeur à la lignée du Yangjia Michuan Taijiquan. J’analyse ici l’éventualité d’une affirmation différente selon laquelleWang Yen-nien a choisi  Julia Fairchild pour lui succéder.  Pour comprendre cette affirmation, deux termes clés sont associées à la succession du Yangjia Michuan Taijiquan : « successeur de la lignée » et « transmetteur de la lignée », qui sont d’aborddéfinis avec précaution et utilisés avec logique. Les évidences et témoignages associés au fait queJulia Fairchild ait été choisie par Wang Yen-nien comme son successeur sont ensuite présentés et évalués. J’invite les responsables et les enseignants du Yangjia Michuan Taijiquan à considérerce qui est écrit dans cet article et dans d’autres lieux, à combiner ces informations avec leur propre expérience, et à découvrir par eux-mêmes “la vérité” sur la succession du Yangjia Michuan Taijiquan.

[Traduit en français par Claire Sierra.]

Is Julia Fairchild de rechtmatige vijfde opvolger in lijn voor Yangjia Michuan Taijiquan? (Klik hier.)

Is Julia Fairchild de rechtmatige vijfde opvolger in lijn voor Yangjia Michuan Taijiquan?.pdf

Samenvatting: Auteurs van recente artikels beweren dat Wang Yen-nien geen opvolger aanduidde voor Yangjia Michuan Taijiquan (YMT). Ik onderzoek hier een alternatieve bewering, namelijk dat Wang Yen-nien Julia Fairchild heeft gekozen om hem op te volgen. Twee sleutelwoorden die verband houden met de opvolging in YMT, ‘traditie-bewaarder’ en ‘traditie-doorgever’, worden zorgvuldig gedefinieerd en consequent gebruikt om deze bewering te begrijpen. Bewijzen die aantonen dat Julia Fairchild werd gekozen als opvolgster voor Wang Yen-nien worden vervolgens naar voren gebracht en beoordeeld. Ik moedig verantwoordelijken en leerkrachten YMT aan om wat hier en elders geschreven staat te bestuderen, die informatie te combineren met hun eigen persoonlijke ervaring en voor zichzelf te bepalen wat ‘de waarheid’ is over YMT-opvolging.

[Vertaald in het Nederlands door Marleen Sluydts.]